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Why not entrust an Ivy League graduate of Cornell University and Columbia University to help you map out, plan, revise, and edit your college admissions essay?   Make your essay stand out from the crowd.  I am thorough.  I am not happy until you are satisfied.

Whether you are reaching for a placement at an Ivy League university, ensuring that you get into your "safety schools" or just want an objective, unbiased opinion and critique of your writing skills, then my services are perfect for you.
I offer affordable "package" deals depending on the number of essays/pesonal statements.  Please contact me regarding pricing.


While there are other college essay services that offer similar services, their style is COLD and BARREN since they have not met with you, the client, but rather only ask you to "upload" your information and essay to them. 
I feel that a more personalized style of service is required.  That is why I meet with you personally to discuss and get to know you, the applicant, in order to craft a more genuine and original essay.*
After an initial sit-down consultation, the drafts and re-written final product can be sent via email.  All you need is an email address.
*If you live in Nassau/Suffolk.  If you live too far away,  a telephone or webcam interview will be used.

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