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The Essay Revisionist

You've mailed away for your college application, received it, and now what?  Are you stuck with where to begin?  How do you begin this daunting essay?  Whether you have a rough draft or just formulated basic ideas, it is never too early or late in the process of writing to seek an expert, objective opinion.  As a seasoned educator and Ivy League alumnus of both Cornell University and Columbia University, I will help you better your odds at college acceptance.  The competition out there is getting fiercer for placement.  Why not get the edge you are seeking?

Why not learn how to craft your essay to tailor-made specifications that each school desires?  Show who you are without sounding conceited, arrogant, or pompous.  Sell yourself to the colleges that you feel should accept you.  Increase your chances for acceptance at a time when college acceptance rates are at an all-time low.

I look forward to sitting with you to personalize your college essay.

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Please get in touch to begin the college essay writing process with an expert.